Unique Achievements - Coaching to your unique business and personal goals
Unique Achievements specialises in providing business and personal performance coaching;
a powerful process, which facilitates you reaching your full potential and achieving success in your chosen goals.

Operating a small to medium sized business can be a very daunting place to be.  Finding someone who is truly independent and will approach your situation in a non-judgemental manner with a fresh-eyed perspective is not an easy task.  However, Unique Achievements have specialised in helping Clients who own or operate small to medium sized business through to a successful outcome.
  • Do you want to achieve more?
  • Do you want to overcome obstacles and move forward?
  • Do you want to get more out of life at all levels?
Our Coaching process leads to the achievement of unique, extraordinary yet tangible business and personal results.
We offer:
  • One-to-One coaching sessions which are confidential and non-judgemental
  • Face to Face or over the phone consultations
  • To assist you in highlighting your goals
  • Work with you on overcoming potential barriers to success
  • Enable you to take time-out to focus on what is important to future development
So if you are now ready to take responsibility for your own unique achievements and would like professional coaching support:
Call us today for an initial consultation!

+44 (0) 207 193 9610

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